Saturday, February 3, 2007

Entering the IDDBA Cake Challenge

Well, wish me luck! I submitted a portfolio to the IDDBA in Madison, Wisconsin to be considered to be one of the three professional store level cake decorators for their annual competition. This year it will be held in June in Anaheim, Calif. and I'm hoping to be one of the few picked to compete! I am originally from L.A. and would love to be able to compete on my home turf. They asked that you submit many pictures, more than fifty if you that show your diversity and abilities. The competition itself is run over three days. Day one you make a wedding cake, the next day you fill a bakery case with a variety of cakes and the third day you make three special occasion cakes. I should hear in March if I'm one of the three selected! (eeek!) Publix decorators have participated, and even won the competition before, so it would be a huge honor!

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Jennifer said...


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Thanks so much!